Backchannel SDK

Download the Backchannel SDK and drop it into your app to start using Backchannel.

We made sure that Backchannel is a great citizen in your app.

  • Backchannel is open-source, so it’s easy to see how things work.
  • Backchannel’s classes are all under 250 lines of code.
  • Backchannel is standalone; it has no dependencies.
  • Backchannel has a three-letter class prefix, BAK, to prevent collisions.
  • Backchannel doesn’t do any swizzling.
  • Backchannel has zero categories. Your app's Foundation classes are safe.

Don’t take our word for it, though:

At The New York Times and at Tumblr, we were always incredibly careful about adding new SDKs to our apps because these libraries are often thrown together and unreliable. Sometimes they’re even written by engineers who’ve never written iOS code before.

Backchannel is the exact opposite. Its SDK is well-architected, stable, and easy to read and understand. And the code is open source, so if I ever needed to tweak it or fix a bug, I don’t need to call a sales guy, I can just fix it. Backchannel may well be the best-written iOS SDK I’ve seen.

Matt Bischoff, Lickability