Drop the Backchannel SDK into your app and give your beta testers an easy way to report their feedback

Get quality feedback

With Backchannel bundled into your beta, your users have a quick, convenient way to report their feedback – without ever leaving your app.

With the tap of a button, they can report a bug, offer feedback on a new feature, or simply ask a question.

App screenshot

Cut through the clutter

Feedback is grouped into customizable channels, making it convenient to find the conversations you want.

Backchannel can even detect when users take screenshots of your app and guide them to the correct feedback channel, with their screenshot already attached.

App screenshot

Open to all

Open-sourcing the SDK is an essential part of Backchannel’s appeal. No one likes putting closed-source frameworks into their app.

Our goal is to help developers improve their products and increase communication with the people who use thier apps. That requires trust, and trust is a lot easier when eveyone can check the ingredients list.

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